Here are our awesome students who are actively envisioning our next future in Convergence Design Lab.

Hung Pei-Tzu (Ruby)
master student
Ruby has a considerable interest in designing AR/VR/XR exhibitions, mainly focusing on augmented docent systems. She explores new AR interactions to deliver insightful knowledge to visitors in galleries or museums.
Nur Izzatty (Izza)
master student
Izzatty is interested in digital products and is currently exploring new application scenarios for digital humans. She is researching the role of augmented humans in traveling platforms, focusing on photo-taking journeys.
Vu, Taho Phuong
master student
Phuong is interested in AR/VR interactions for future museums. She is currently exploring the integration of generative AI with the art appreciation journey and custom souvenir making.
Melissa Aime Luna Marroquin
master student
Nuddrinn Sanphanit (Niki)
master student
Niki is interested in innovating digital, online shopping mall experiences. She is currently exploring potential synergies she can generate by integrating scent visualization, a parametric toolkit, and online shopping platforms.

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