The Leading professor of the Convergence Desing Lab

Bokyung Lee
HCI/UX Design Researcher

Hi. I am an Interaction Design / HCI researcher. I am an Assistant Professor at Yonsei University, Underwood International Colleage, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) Division. Under HASS, I am leading a Convergence Design Lab and envisions the future of our new reality in this Digial-Physical convergence era. Previously, I worked as a Senior Designer at Samsung Research HQ, Korea; and before that, I worked as a Senior Research Scientist at Autodesk Research, Toronto. I received my PhD in Industrial Design (Human-Computer Interaction + Design) from ID KAIST, where I was working on embodied design tools for everyday designers.

My research lies at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and Interactive System Designs. My vision is to design comfortable and novel experiences for an immersive, interactive, and simulated virtual world at a shared, with a multi-disciplinary approach. I envision the potential interactions for future technologies (VR/AR/AI) with a goal of enhancing our convergnece experiences. During my Ph.D., I explored embodied interactions for VR/AR digital design tools. I enjoy creating and applying new user-centered design methods, as well as prototyping interactive systems.

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